CHING CHONG BLUES - "Rickshaw to Hollywood" When an Asian filmmaker is told by a festival that his work isn’t “Asian” enough, he creates a racist film to troll them, and accidentally attracts Hollywood's attention. -- STARRING: Nelson Cheng, Deedee Magno Hall, Josh Fadem and Michelle Farrah Huang WRITTEN BY Joshua Fu & Nelson Cheng DIRECTED BY Joshua Fu PRODUCED BY Sarah Winshall DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY - Hana Kitasei PRODUCTION DESIGN - Bobby Guard EDITOR - Patrick Lawrence Copyright 2018 by Smudge Films CONTACT -

MILLENNIAL THINK is a mini-doc series featuring millennials in all their navel-gazing glory. Director: Theresa Desautels

MISSING LEFTY tells the existential story of Righty, a lonely right hand, who mourns the unexplained absence of his other half: Lefty. With whom will he play rock, paper, scissors? This wry parody of French New Wave films, shot in black and white, ponders the question: who is right when no one is left? Directed by Mickey Bloom

Text & Voice: Muriel Leung ( Sound: Matt Orenstein (, 2017

Halloween, 2013

I scored the 1919 silent film, "The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari," in 2011. I performed it live in Warner Concert Hall at Oberlin College on May 1, 2011 for my senior recital. I wrote, played bass, did programming and prepared the tape parts. Here's who else you'll hear on this recording: Tim Bennett - Alto Sax Will Floyd - Live Electronics/Additional Programming Xochi John - Cello Sara Sasaki - Violin Hannah Selin - Viola Austing Vaughn - Drums, etc.